Visitors to Ewingsdale Coffee, Australian Grown Coffee

Australian Grown Coffee Bean Visitor

Australian grown coffee beans,Ewingsdale Coffee at Byron Bay.

One of the many benefits of a ‘spray free’ plantation, is the many ‘visitors’ that take a look and stay awhile 
At this time of year we are closer to the start of “Harvest”…
Chris runs our market stall at the Bellingen Community Markets, on every 3rd Sat of each month,

where Chris has ‘tastings’ of a variety of our blends.

This year Chris is helping again to harvest the coffee here in Byron Bay. At Ewingsdale our Australian grown coffee beans are hand picked, fermented in rainwater and sun dried.

So visit Chris every 3rd Sat of each month and grab a bag of Australian coffee beans, or pre ground for plungers (coarse) or a finer grind (espresso)Discovery Ewingsdale Coffee and, ‘Taste the Love’! — at Ewingsdale Coffee Estate.

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