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Ewingsdale Coffee, a growing ambition

Robert Frater is the owner of this very local brand. With 3,000 well-established coffee trees and another 1,000 to be planted in spring this year, he’s not shying away from the task of moving his coffee upward.

Using organic principles and a ‘spray-free’ environment for his plantation, his blends are as close to clean green as you can get.

Australian grown coffee beans on show.

A no-nonsense, hands-on sort of guy, you’ll find Rob talking-up all things coffee at his stall, every Bangalow Community Market.He sells his small coffee plantation coffee with all the gusto of his larger competitors and he doesn’t appear too concerned about their market share. ‘I don’t care about my market share, there’s plenty of demand and I’m doing all I can to fill my own’, he told me.

Ewingsdale Coffee grows the beans and supports other smaller micro-farmers by buying as much as he can to supplement his own supply of beans. They don’t roast though, that’s taken care of by the Bun Coffee roasters down the road.

It’s a lovely thing when people can work together in harmony and still be in competition. The way Australians drink coffee, they all need to be producing as much as possible. Try this brew at either Mullum Mac, Station St in Mullumbimby, or the Soul Bowl, 2/14 Bay St (opposite the Surf Club) Byron Bay.


Writer Matthew Michaelis, The Good Life Lift out,Byron Echo August 12th 2014


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Visitors to Ewingsdale Coffee, Australian Grown Coffee

Australian Grown Coffee Bean Visitor

Australian grown coffee beans,Ewingsdale Coffee at Byron Bay.

One of the many benefits of a ‘spray free’ plantation, is the many ‘visitors’ that take a look and stay awhile 
At this time of year we are closer to the start of “Harvest”…
Chris runs our market stall at the Bellingen Community Markets, on every 3rd Sat of each month,

where Chris has ‘tastings’ of a variety of our blends.

This year Chris is helping again to harvest the coffee here in Byron Bay. At Ewingsdale our Australian grown coffee beans are hand picked, fermented in rainwater and sun dried.

So visit Chris every 3rd Sat of each month and grab a bag of Australian coffee beans, or pre ground for plungers (coarse) or a finer grind (espresso)Discovery Ewingsdale Coffee and, ‘Taste the Love’! — at Ewingsdale Coffee Estate.

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Australian Grown Coffee

Ewingsdale Coffee, Australian Grown Coffee

"Australian Grown Coffee"

Ewingsdale Coffee Estate is locally grown in Byron Bay and hand picked.

Starting August 5th, Our local newspaper (Echo) is having a weekly lift out section, called The Good Life.


Written by Matthew Michaelis, it’s focus will be on food, wine and travel.

In the next few weeks, Matthew will be showcasing, local coffee growers, roasters and a few select  cafe’s. Ewingsdale Coffee is one of many local coffee growers in the region of Byron Bay. From the harvest to the roasted bean, Ewingsdale Coffee is proud to produce 100% Australian grown coffee.

You too can discover why more and more people are “Tasting the Love in Every Bean” Buy online … our Bonus pack option is available if you want to try a few different blends, before settling on your favourite one.

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Buying Coffee Online


Online Store Celebrates It’s 1st Year !

Visit our online store and choose your favourite variety of Australian grown coffee at Ewingsdale Coffee Estate Online Store

Fill out a purchase order and pay with PayPal security or just complete a purchase order form and wait for an email from Paypal that has banking details for you to bank transfer funds. You’ll also receive an invoice from  us at Ewingsdale Coffee, letting you know we are aware of your intention to buy one of our products. All parcels will be sent on confirmation of payment.

Here what Helen had to say about buying online;

Hi Robert

I saw your article in Country Style and decide we would like to try an Australian grown coffee.

Looking forward giving your different blends the taste test.

Helen 27/8/12

Coffee has arrived. Lovely blend, made the first cup this morning.Big yes all around

Helen 31/8/12

Hi Robert

Just placed my second online order for your Estate blend coffee.Beautiful smooth coffee no bitterness just a lovely latte.Found your article in Country Style and so happy to buy Australian coffee that is so good.

Cheers keep up the good work.


Greetings Robert

The coffee arrived this morning .What absolute pleasure to drink  after running out of Ewingsdale Coffee and having a  weekend of drinking lavazza. Your coffee is pure delight, can drink without sugar .

Thank you, be in touch .

Helen Jolly 25/8/12

Helen, after trying a variety of bean blends, settled on the Estate. Take advantage of our bonus pack offer if your not sure which blend to buy. For $52 (includes delivery), you receive 500g Estate Blend, 500g Cafe Blend and a bonus 200g Dark Roast Roast.

Robert, Ewingsdale Coffee

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Plunger Coffee

A Ewingsdale Plunger Coffee Lover Writes:

My wife and I have been using Ewingsdale Byron Blend (gold packet) to make plunger coffee for around 5 years now. It has become our daily morning ritual to use around a table spoon of the coffee per person plus one for the pot to brew a pot of coffee upon waking. It is great that it is a  Byron Bay coffee, because we live locally and I often call Robert when supplies are running low and organise to pick up a fresh roast at the Estate door. We know how much care goes into the preparation of the beans, but the real reason we use it is because we just love the smooth creamy taste.

We have found that by pressing the air out of the bag before zip sealing the coffee and storing in a cool dark place, it helps maintain the freshness of the coffee to the last cup.
Adam Snowden 21/8/12

Tips for making great plunger coffer.  Read More

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Australian Grown Coffee Farm Visitors


Plantation News

Byron Bay is a great place to holiday and if you have the time,  you can experience how a Australian coffee plantation works. Visitors this year have helped hand pick our organically grown coffee.Participated in a final sorting of the fruit before pulping. Some saw our beans being fermented in rainwater while others, washed the fermented beans and laid them out on our drying beds, to let the sun finish the process.

Here is a quick look at who visited:

Cathy from Taiwan spent 2 days hand picking Australian grown arabica varieties at Ewingsdale Coffee Estate. As a trained barista and being involved with a coffee business back home, Cathy wanted to see how an Australian coffee plantation worked. We were only to happy to let her help out.

Glen has been a regular visitor during our 2012 harvest season. Not only did Glen get to see our organically grown coffee at it’s various stages of ripening, he posed for this photo (23/10/12), as last years new growth burst into flower


Chris took time out in his busy schedule, to help out with harvest for a few days during recent school holidays.Chris runs the market stall on the Mid-North coast town of Bellingen (3rd Sat of every month), selling Ewingsdale coffee.

If you live in the area, visit the market and grab yourself  ” Byron Bay’s finest hand crafted coffee”. If you are running low on supplies, ring 02 6655 2361 and Chris will do his utmost to keep your pantry full of Ewingsdale coffee.

On his way back from a recent Rugby test in Brisbane, Matt dropped in and helped process the days harvest. Grown in Byron Bay, processed and roasted locally. Ewingsdale Coffee has found a new convert. Look for a pod coffee machine for sale on Ebay. Why buy coffee that is flown halfway around the world, when you can buy organically grown beans, save the environment and support an Australian grower ?

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Harvesting Australian Grown Coffee

Harvest time 2012 at Ewingsdale Coffee Estate.This season at Byron Bay is shaping up as bountiful harvest with record amounts of beans being picked by all. Our Australian grown Arabica coffee beans are hand selected, fermented in rain water and sun dried, so that you can enjoy a great coffee any time of the day.

Not sure which blend to choose? Try our Bonus packs. Plunger grind, Espresso grind or Whole beans. The Bonus packs contain 2 x 500g blends and a free 200g variety for you to sample. Then you can decide which Ewingsdale Coffee you prefer.

Ewingsdale Coffee – ” Taste the Love in every Bean”

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Ewingsdale Plunger Coffee at Byron Retreat

Just minutes off the Byron tourist trail, between the hinterland and magnificent eastern coastline lies Byron Retreat. Luxuriously set amidst a canopy of over one and a half acres of lush sub-tropical gardens, you’ll want for nothing during your retreat at this self-contained, plantation-feel hideaway.

Sheltered from the busy hub of Byron Bay, Byron Retreat is a private tropical haven, uniquely situated to allow you much-needed time to unwind and rejuvenate in a tranquil secluded environment. Yet only minutes away, enjoy a tantalising array of sightseeing tours, quality restaurants, interesting shops, the renowned Byron Bay markets and of course the magnificent surfing beaches, unspoilt rich hinterland and relaxed Byron lifestyle.

Byron Retreat is well equipped to meet every need. A welcome basket  featuring Byron Bay grown, Ewingsdale Coffee, awaits you on arrival.

Ground coarse for use in a plunger appliance, the ‘Estate Blend’ variety has been hand picked, sun dried and master roasted  in the Byron shire.

Ewingsdale Coffee, it’s Australian grown and another reason why you’ll find it hard to leave your sanctuary at Byron Resort.

Read how to make great plunger coffee.

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Australian Plunger Coffee At The Markets.

Hello Rob –

You probably won’t remember us, but we met you at Byron Bay market about two months ago during our extended visit to Australia.

You were kind enough to take the time to tell us about your coffee growing and production, and about your British origins.

It was a delight to meet a real coffee grower who obviously takes a pride in his work and in his product.

We have just opened our pack of Ewingsdale Plunger Grind Byron Bay Blend, and are enjoying every cup!

A really good coffee, with – as you said – no bitter after taste.

Thanks again for taking the time to talk to us, and all possible success for Ewingsdale Coffee Estate.

Wish we lived a little nearer!!

Keith and Paula Evans

Byron Blend

Hi Robert,

My wife and I have been using Ewingsdale Byron Bay Blend coffee for around 5 years now. We used to buy the pre ground for use in a plunger and would often go to the local community markets at Byron Bay and Bangalow when our supply of Ewingsdale coffee was getting low. At times I would call and arrange to pick up a freshly ground packet at the Estate door.

Since buying a grinder, we now just use whole beans and it has become our daily morning ritual to grind the beans and brew a  fresh pot of coffee – plunger style, when we awake.

It is great that it is a locally grown coffee and we know how much care goes into the preparation of our Byron Bay blend of beans, but the real reason we use it is because we just love the smooth taste.

Adam Snowden

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Ewingsdale Plunger Coffee at Watermark Resort






At the Watermark resort situated on Byron Bay’s famous Watego’s beach, Ewingsdale plunger coffee has proudly been selected in a welcome basket of locally produced goods for you to enjoy.

An Australian grown coffee bean, roasted and blended, then ground coarse for use in a plunger appliance,( one in every apartment). Making a coffee with our Estate Blend is a perfect way to start the day. Rich aromas and caramelised notes create a smooth drinking experience, with no bitter aftertaste.

At Ewingsdale Coffee Estate, we like to say “you can taste the rainfall,the sunlight, the clean ocean air and the love in every bean”

Visit the Watermark Resort website and book your next stay knowing that a local Byron Bay grown coffee awaits you upon arrival.

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