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Plunger Coffee

plunger coffee

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A plunger pot or French press can make an excellent coffee. Plunger coffee uses steeping rather than filtration or extraction to brew the coffee.Pre-heat your plunger with hot water and remove this heating water before adding one heaped table spoon of your coarse ground coffee per cup. Then pour in the heated water (just before boiling point) and allow to steep up  to five minutes. A quick stir of the mixture before plunging ensures the water soaks all grinds. Filtered water will produce a different taste compared to hard water. As the wire mesh is slowly pressed down the majority of the grinds are captured and held at the base of the plunger. Coffee made in a plunger should be served immediately. This avoids the over extraction of the ground that may still be in contact with drink. Expect a few grinds in the bottom of your cup! Plunger coffee made correctly, can capture the coffee’s subtle aromatic complexities and yield a cup with greater body and texture more effectively than other brewing methods. The coarser grind used in plunger coffee lets the aromatic oils and flavours constituents pass from the grinds to the cup. The result is a thick, heady cup of coffee. By using a plunger/French press, you can enjoy a fantastic drinking experience.

Testimonials and tips when using Ewingsdale plunger grind coffee from ‘lovers’ of  our coffee

I discovered our locally grown Ewingsdale coffee a couple of months ago.  I brew it in my plunger using a rounded dessertspoon for each person and a dash for the pot.  Like with making good tea, I make sure the pot is piping hot and the water freshly boiled.  I put the water in first, then the coffee and give it a stir.  I place the plunger on top to keep in the heat, then let the coffee rest for a minute or two before gently pressing the plunger down.  The coffee then reveals its lovely crema.  For smooth nutty flavour, subtle varietal taste and heady tempting aroma I love the Byron Blend.  I like my plunger coffee straight black with no sugar so the freshness and aliveness of this blend comes alive. The Byron blend is my favourite.  When I am in the mood for a stronger coffee taste I choose the Estate Blend.  Both are delicious with a piece of good quality chocolate or slice of Danish pastry.  PS. Having written that, I now feel like going and making a pot of coffee!



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