Australian Grown Coffee At Work

Kyle and Robert at the Coffee Drying Bed

Australian grown coffee and end of season harvest at Byron Bay’s very own Ewingsdale Coffee Estate.

Kyle Levier lives on the South Coast of NSW at Moruya and is passionate about organic produce and Australian grown coffee. Kyle runs a coffee cart at the local Moruya market that you can visit every Tuesday afternoon. You can also catch Kyle and his coffee cart at a variety of  local sporting and cultural events.

Kyle has been using Ewingsdale Coffee ‘Cafe Blend’ since the inception of his business and in the last 18 months, Kyle has created a loyal following with some customers even make it a point to visit his coffee cart for their once a week coffee indulgence. Kyle and Natalie really are particular when it comes to producing a quality brew and if the crema is not right, they will start again to ensure each cup served is of the highest quality.

Late November Flowering 2014

Kyle, while visiting Byron Bay, took the opportunity to visit Ewingsale Coffee Estate recently and managed to see the late harvest fruit on display, the coffee beans (after being pulped, fermented in rain water), laid out on our drying beds and even the flowering of the coffee trees.

Ripe berries of the Coffee variety.

The recent rains  in Byron Bay had led to a strong flowering on our trees, a good indication that next years harvest will be fruitful.
Kyle and friends certainly choose a great time to visit. The plantation is open to visitation by appointment only. Please ring me to ensure that I can be available to show you through.
Robert / Ewingsdale Coffee / Taste the Love in Every Bean!







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