Fantastic Feedback.

Market CoffeeAustralian Grown Coffee & Ewingsdale Coffee is  gaining many loyal followers and they are loving what they are drinking. Buying online or visiting the Byron Bay markets to buy this locally grown product, the feedback is positive. Here are a few recent examples…

Chris Hawthorne, QLD

JULY 13TH 2015

Got through the last of my previous organic and filled the grinder with your Estate blend. I chose that one to try first as I guessed, seeing you promote that one with the bonus pack, that it was possibly your favourite?.

Sensational. Absolutely beautiful, mouth-watering flavour. I am looking forward to tasting the next two!  Congratulations on an amazingly good coffee.Next Email…. I  had the misfortune to run out of your coffee and had to grind some beans using a mainstream coffee brand L????? ….and I nearly choked with the first mouthful. It was horrible in comparison to your coffee beans, your roast is so fresh and the taste so smooth….So THANK YOU very much for your quick delivery.Your service was fantastic as usual and your coffee was at my door first thing the next day.

The only negative, is I’m drinking a lot more coffee!

Market DisplayBelinda Rose CAFF ATTACK, QLD                                                             March 1st 2015                                                                                            I bought some of your Coffee today at the Byron markets, so we could sample your coffee for my Mobile Cafe business… I must say, that I have tried quite a few coffees and yours was just amazing!

Both blends were fab!  I think we will go for the Cafe blend! There is absolutely no bitterness from your beans at all…

Everyone is loving your coffee! So much…that it has enabled me to secure a big weekly netball gig in Brisbane which I am very excited about…

Nicola Mason, TAS                                                                                  

July 7th 2015                     

Thanks Robert – We love your coffee!!

My sweet husband cant drink anything else ..

I have placed another order of the Estate Blend Plunger Grind…

Yay- we look forward to drinking it again!





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